New Professor of Cell Biology – Musa Mhlanga

As of Mid-July 2020, professor Musa Mhlanga has joined our institute. After his undergraduate studies in France & the US, he did his PhD in New York at The Rockefeller University & NYU School of Medicine. He did a Post Doctoral fellowship at the Institut Pasteur (Paris) as a US National Science Foundation fellow. He started his own lab in South Africa just over 10 years ago. His team works on gene regulation with a focus on single cell and single molecule biology. There is especially interest in nuclear architecture and the interplay of gene expression with coding and noncoding RNA. His team uses several model systems, with a deeper focus on inflammation and immunity in recent years. Much of the research requires the development of new imaging techniques and molecular biology tools. As a result, they have contributed a number of significant tools in both areas to the scientific community, while making seminal discoveries. His team at the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences currently includes 2 postdocs and a number of undergraduate student. Soon recruitment for a tenure track Associate Professor and PhD student will be initiated.