Available positions

We currently have two position open for applications:

postdoc malaria research

PhD position epigenetic regulation of early human embryonic development

Radboud Excellence Initiative Fellowships

The departments of Molecular Biology and Molecular Developmental Biology of the Radboud University (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) are looking for outstanding candidates to nominate for a 2-year Radboud Excellence Initiative (REI) Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

The research in our departments revolves around gene and chromatin regulatory mechanisms in development and disease. State-of-the-art in-house genomics, proteomics and computational infrastructure facilitate our research, including multiple single-cell genomics platforms. We are interested in researchers from a broad range of backgrounds, including, but not limited to, molecular- and cell biology, biochemistry, computational biology and machine learning. Details on the work from the different research groups can be found on http://molbio.science.ru.nl

As the main criterium, candidates for the REI post-doctoral fellowships should have a proven track-record of excellence, including high quality publications in relevant top journals. The REI aims to stimulate internationalization and is open to foreign scientists with no prior study or work experience in the Netherlands that obtained their doctorate no longer than eight years before the time of application. The eventual application includes writing a short project proposal in conjunction with the nominator (i.e. group leader). The next upcoming deadline is on the 1st of November 2020.

More information on the fellowship program can be found on https://www.ru.nl/excellence/. If you are interested in being nominated please send us your CV and a motivation letter to rimls-fnwi@science.ru.nl. Please also specify 1 or 2 potential nominators from our department you would be interested in joining. Deadlines for applications are May 1st and November 1st each year. Please also specify 1 or 2 potential nominators from our department you would be interested in joining.