Musa Mhlanga

Prof.dr. Musa M. Mhlanga did his undergraduate studies in France & the US and obtained his PhD in New York at The Rockefeller University & NYU School of Medicine. There, he worked on the development of molecular beacons for in vitro diagnostics and for imaging of RNA in living cells with Fred R. Kramer & Sanjay Tyagi. Next, he did a Post Doctoral fellowship at the Institut Pasteur in Paris as a US National Science Foundation fellow. He worked on gene expression and nuclear organization with a focus imaging of RNA and transcription. Next, he started his own lab and moved to South Africa a little over 10 years ago. Recently, he moved to the Radboud University in Nijmegen, where he chairs the department of Cell Biology of the Faculty of Science. He has close collaborations with many teams in the Radboud University Medical Centre, including amongst others Human Genetics and Internal Medicine.

This website is still under construction. Soon information about his team members, facilities etc. will be added.

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