The departments of Molecular Biology and Molecular Developmental Biology contribute to several Bachelor and Master programs of the Faculty Science, as well as to programs from the Radboud University Medical Centre. Below you can find an overview of the courses that our staff members are involved in.


Master specialization Medical Epigenomics

See here the information flyer of the Master Specialisation Medical Epigenomics.
Click here for extensive information on our master specialisation Medical Epigenomics at the website of the Radboud University.
Please contact Hendrik Marks or Michiel Vermeulen for more information about this Master.

Courses in the context of this master:
• Protein Dynamics and Networks (3 EC)
• Epigenomics in Health and Disease (3 EC)
• Computation for Biologists (6 EC)
• Trends in Stem Cell Biology (3 EC)

Master Internships

Please contact the individual staff member of your interest if you are interested in performing a Master Internship with us. Click here (Master Medical Biology), here (Master Molecular Life Sciences) or here (Master Science) for information about master internships at the Radboud University website.

Master Literature thesis

Please contact the individual staff member of your interest if you are interested in writing a Master Literature thesis (6EC) or a Project Proposal (6EC) with us.


Bachelor Internships

In April each year, we are able to host a cohort of ~20 BSc students for their Bachelor Internship. Click here (Biology) or here (Molecular Life Sciences) for information about the Bachelor Internships at the Radboud University website. Within our departments, we coordinate these Bachelor Internships centrally. If you are interested in joining us for a Bachelor Internship, send your motivation, CV and an overview of your bachelor grades thus far to Hendrik Marks or Colin Logie. Please note that we are often fully booked in October (for the internships in April the next year). So make sure to be in time with your application, but not earlier than that you received your grade for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II.

Bachelor courses

Moleculaire Biologie en Recombinant DNA (6 EC)
Animal Cell Biology (6 EC)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II (6 EC)
Genomics for Health and Environment (12 EC)
Functional Genomics (6 EC)
Molecular Principles of Development (6 EC)