Seminar Jan Huisken – Tuesday January 12, 2016 (13.00, 8th floor RIMLS)

On Tuesday January 12, 2016, dr. Jan Huisken from the Max Planck Institute (MPI-CBG) Dresden (Germany) will give a presentation entitled “Reconstructing zebrafish development with smart light sheet microscopy” at 13.00 in the Figdor Lecture theatre on the 8th floor of the RIMLS building.


The overall goal in the Huisken lab is the systematic study of developmental processes in living organisms by noninvasive biomedical imaging techniques such as optical microscopy. Of primary interest is the investigation of organogenesis in zebrafish with special emphasis on the function and morphogenesis of the cardiovascular system and the endoderm. We develop novel quantitative microscopy tools and experimental strategies to understand and describe tissue dynamics on a cellular level. High-speed fluorescence microscopy is the primary tool to capture the dynamics of a heartbeat and the fate of single cells during organogenesis.